Restaurant Bistrot Tabarel

The wine bar and our wine cellar



Our wine bar and refurbished wine cellar are located in the basements of our restaurant and offer a journey through the perfumes and flavours of the wines of the world. Max is always on the search of the best labels and new discoveries from the best wine regions in Ítaly and from the international level.
Our guests not only find excellent wines, but also a wide selection of whiskey, cognacs, rum and spirits from local and international production. All of this surrounded by a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

The Wine bar is open only in the winter season from the ski slopes closing hour till late at night.

Noble and Researched Flavours

Max, the house owner, is a great connoisseur and expert. He will delight you not only with his most noble wines and spirits, but he has always a matching anecdote or short story for every drink he will be serving. Carrying you through the world of wine and spirits he transmits all his passion and knowledge to the guests of his wine bar.

Suggestion: On reservation our guests can also have a taste of various French fondues.